Firefox spell check not working?

If you’ve recently installed a new version of Firefox (a fresh install – not an update), then you might find that the “check spelling as I type” feature no longer works. This is because some of the newer releases of Firefox don’t come with a dictionary. If your Firefox download didn’t come with a dictionary file, you can download one here:

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  1. Thanks for the dictionary fix on this I just updated from a fresh install of XP and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t letting me know about spelling and added the plug-in for a dictionary and now it works great ! thanks everyone

  2. Thanks a lot. I was wondering why do the Firefox in my notebook didn’t have the spell checking function.
    Thanks again for the tips.

  3. Classic first post, and the follow up, Priceless! The acronyms ROFL and LMAO spring to mind.

    Now that I’ve managed to pick myself up from the floor… hehehe.

    One thing to that could be helpfull to all, is where the ‘said’ dictoionary should go? Plugin folder? Or does it have its own folder? I have dictionaries already, but I’m unsure where to put them? This was the first page I came across about this, and I’m sure it won’t be hard to find the answer, but its nice when the infomation is all together.

    P.s you shouldn’t tell people that need these tools (like dyslexic people or people who use English as their second language, i.e not their mother tongue) to go back to school. For us its not about going to school, but having your spelling checked as you type which is the most efficieant way of learning. As opposed to learing ramdom words and how they’re spelt which isn’t aways as simple as it sounds since our language is not always spelt phonetically.

    Also if you’ve ever learnt to touch type properly, you’ll find this great for looking over long documentation for typo’s. We all fat finger a key or two, sometimes?

  4. Superb tip for guys like me who make a lot of spelling mistakes… was searching for a firefox spell checker for ages…

    Thanks a ton!!!

  5. First result in Google for me and worked perfectly. Thanks for posting the information; very handy indeed!

  6. Perfect, exactly the help I was looking for. So easy, just click the link, install and that’s it.

  7. Thank you so much for this. I really couldn’t figure out why my FF on ubuntu was spellchecking and my win7 edition wasn’t.

    Thanks again :)

  8. Thank you SO much for this! After downloading, installing – and subsequently uninstalling – a number of online spell check programs, THIS is exactly what I’ve been looking for! (I had this prior to my most recent crash but couldn’t quite remember what I’d been using and why Firefox spell check was not working.) You’re a lifesaver!!

  9. Quote Rick:

    “The firefox dictionary plugin really does come in handy, but if your solely reallying on it, time to go back to school.”

    You’re (you are)… not “your”.

  10. Thanks. I had just installed a copy of Xubuntu with Firefox installed, and was wondering why spell checking wasn’t working. Simple fix. Glad this came up in the top 5. Don’t know why, but I picked your site first, and got myself fixed right up. :)

  11. Thanks! I for one really need this because I have Dyslexia and really cannot tell if I have switched some letters around. Even if I know the word I typed is probably wrong it requires alot of time and effort to constantly look up the correct spelling. (though I still have too at times because even this programs can’t always figure out my badly mis-spelled words!) lol. I would like to be understood on the net and not made fun of so this helps alot!

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