R.I.P Netdisaster

Netdisaster has been taken offline. Netdisaster was a brilliant site that enabled users to deface any site on the internet – not by hacking or editing the code, but by simply displaying various “disasters” over the top of it (e.g cow poo, chainsaws, crawling babies, vomit, UFOs etc). It was silly and childish, but it was also fun, and more importantly – it was totally harmless. But eBay, and to a lesser extent Yahoo, didn’t see the joke, and classified it all as a phishing attempt – which eventually forced the creator of Netdisaster to take the site offline. Read more about it here.

Although it’s not as much fun as defacing other people’s websites, Netdisaster still offer an ‘opt in’ disaster service – click the cow (above) for an example.

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